Nimai (Devala) Griffith

Alachua, Fl, USA (EST Time Zone)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take to learn?

The answer to that depends on several factors unique to each student:

  • Their level of interest and goals in the art.
  • Their intensity and steadiness in the practice.
  • How frequently they practice.
  • How many classes they are enrolled in.

How often should I practice?

Twice, thrice a day. Keep picking up your mridanga and play as you go about your daily routine. If it’s sitting around idly, pick it up and use it. The fastest progress is made through regular practice.

I’m a little shy about 1 on 1 classes

That’s ok and fairly common; give it time and you will get used to it.

I prefer in person classes to Skype

It’s true Skype takes some getting used to. But give it time and it will be just the same if not more convenient because it save travel time. However if you are in the same area as the teacher and he/she is willing, you can do that. Just let us know through email or Phone.

Can we learn other instruments?

Yes: Kartals. If you want to learn Kartals, that can be included in the Mridanga Class. Right now that is all we offer.

Prices may change!

We are building a strong student base and since our classes very cheap we hope to get enough funds to keep going at our rates. However, since it’s difficult to maintain our standard we may need to adjust prices.